Randy Ellefson

Randy Ellefson has been playing guitar for over thirty years and has released five instrumental albums (three rock, one acoustic, and one classical guitar).  He has earned endorsements from Peavey, Alvarez Guitars, and Morley Pedals for his classically influenced compositions.  He holds a Bachelors of Music in classical guitar, Magna cum Laude, but was a composition major until being forced to change majors with only two years of school left.  Practicing as much as eight hours a day, he acquired four years of classical guitar skill in only two years but paid the price a year later.

He developed such a severe tendonitis injury that he lost the ability to play guitar – and the rest of his life.  Years past before he recovered his playing.

His metal band, Z-Order, recorded its debut album, Utopia, in 2009-2011, but singer issues repeatedly delayed the release and the album is currently in hibernation, like the rest of the band.

More details on his music history are available as are details on current and past lineups.

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