Frequent Questions

How long have you been playing guitar?
What instruments do you play?
How many guitars do you have?
Do you perform?
Have you fully recovered from tendonitis?
Why did you record 'Dee' by Randy Rhoads?
What does the 'firebard' mean?
Are you related to David Ellefson (of Megadeth)?
Do you still play classical guitar?
Do you still play piano?
Serenade of Strings and The Lost Art
Is the guitar on The Lost Art cover the one heard on the album?
Is the guitar on the Serenade of Strings cover used on the album?
Why did you release Serenade of Strings and The Lost Art together?
Why didn't you use your logo on Serenade of Strings and The Lost Art?
Technical Stuff
What is a guitar lick?
What is a guitar riff?
Acoustic vs. classical guitar. What's the difference?

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