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With a Bachelors of Music in classical guitar under my belt, I’ve managed to combine classical theory with the rock idiom to produce a hybrid style using elements of both. Many of my techniques will be explained here as new articles are added. Most lessons include free mp3s.

On Tendonitis

Got Tendonitis? What To Do – This article focuses on what your first steps should be if you suspect you have tendonitis. Download PDF.

On Composition

Writing Guitar Licks – This lesson, which has free rock guitar licks (including one from The Firebard), breaks down how to write hot guitar licks into several easy steps.  Download PDF.

Structural Chord Progressions – Learn how to create more tension and resolution in your songs by using progressions not just within sections, but across them. A free jam track is included.  Download PDF.

Interval Riff Series

Interval Riff Basics – Chords aren’t your only option when playing and composing for rhythm guitar. This free article is the first in a series designed to introduce richer sounds to your music, including the use of counterpoint.  Download PDF.

Interval Riff Ornamentation – This follow up to “Interval Riff Basics” continues with ornamenting thirds and fifths to create melody and cooler guitar riffs. Many examples, chord charts, and mp3s are included.  Download PDF.

Interval Riffs and Simple Counterpoint – Move beyond just ornamenting to write two different lines for one guitarist to play. New tab examples and more MP3s are included.  Download PDF.

On Music Theory

Music Degrees and Rock Guitarists, Part 1 – Many guitar players develop some interest in music theory and even consider a degree in music, but the question remains: what will I get out of a traditional four-year degree in music and is it worth it?  Download PDF.

Music Degrees and Rock Guitarists, Part 2 – Learn how a degree in music can help you be a better guitar player and composer! From dual leads and layered guitars to key changes and writing variations, this article includes example sound clips.  Download PDF.

On Recording

How To Re-Amp – This article explains how to “re-amp” your guitar recordings so you can change your mind over and over about your amp settings, without having to re-perform your guitars. It includes two audio samples.  Download PDF.

Double-Tracking Lead Guitars, Part One – An instructional article on performing and recording two lead guitar parts or solos to be heard simultaneously.  Download PDF.

Double-Tracking Lead Guitars, Part Two – This free article explains recording and mixing strategies and techniques.  Download PDF.

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