A Guitar Update

I am once again on break from playing, but if things go well this year with my other plans, I may be making a more long-term return to playing, writing, and releasing albums starting in 2022. I still have several albums lying around:

  • A follow up to Serenade of Strings – this is done but I wanted to add a few more songs, maybe have a drummer replace my drums
  • A fourth instrumental rock album – all rhythm tracks are done and maybe a quarter of the leads
  • The metal band album, Utopia – completely recorded except the vocals, because no less than 6 singers quit over the 7 years I tried to get the vocals done. Don’t get me started….

I also have a full album of 80s metal that I literally wrote from 1988-1991. It is more of a pet project, but the entire thing is recorded except one guitar solo and any vocals.

Stay tuned. I never really give up or quit 🙂