Press Releases (2005)

Peavey Endorses Instrumental Guitarist Randy Ellefson

Randy Ellefson has been included in the Friends of Peavey endorsement program.

MARCH 14, 2005 (GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND) – Instrumental guitarist Randy Ellefson has earned the endorsement of Peavey via the Friends of Peavey program. Hailed as a “remarkable guitar virtuoso” by BW&BK Magazine, Ellefson has been playing through Peavey amps for over 20 years and is now using the XXX Head and Cabinet on tour this summer. This marks the first endorsement for Ellefson, whose debut rock album, The Firebard, was independently released in 2004. The crunching riffs and singing leads can be heard online at

Ellefson has a Bachelors of Music in classical guitar, Magna Cum Laude, and accomplished the four years of playing requirements in only two years. It was just a year later that he was diagnosed with severe tendonitis in both arms. This completely cost him the ability to play guitar for an entire year. Another four years passed before he was able to regain it, and along the way he developed a second case of tendonitis in both arms. Finally, in 2002 he began recording his triumphant debut album at home and has earned great reviews for playing that is both melodic and virtuosic. Starting in the summer of 2005, Ellefson will finally return to the stage.


Randy Ellefson Endorsed By Alvarez Guitars

MAY 1, 2005 (GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND) – Hard rock instrumental guitarist Randy Ellefson has gained an endorsement with Alvarez Guitars, whose acoustic guitars he’s been playing exclusively for 20 years. He joins a distinguished list that includes Zakk Wylde, Carlos Santana, and Warren Haynes. Using an Alvarez, Ellefson developed a unique style that is native to the acoustic, and plans an all-acoustic album.

Sadly, that recording was the very last music Ellefson recorded before losing his playing to a severe case of tendonitis in both arms years ago. The injury was caused by his successful attempt to gain four years of classical guitar experience in only two years for a Bachelors of Music in classical guitar. While the injury still limits how frequently he can play or perform, full recovery of his abilities came after five long years of rehabilitation.

This rebirth is behind the name of Ellefson’s debut album, The Firebard, since he has risen from his ashes like the phoenix of legend. The album, which can be heard online at, has received great reviews for its song-oriented approach to big rock guitars. Heralded as a return of the guitar solo, The Firebard has earned Ellefson frequent comparisons to big name players.

This is the second recent endorsement for Ellefson, who is currently preparing to perform in concert starting in Summer 2005.


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