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Randy Ellefson Endorsed By Morley Pedals

April 14, 2006

Instrumental hard rock guitarist Randy Ellefson receives endorsement from Morley Pedals and is to be featured in their catalog and website.

Hard rock instrumental guitarist Randy Ellefson has gained an endorsement with Morley Pedals. Ellefson has been using Morley pedals in concert and in the studio while recording the follow-up to his 2004 debut album, The Firebard.

Like many in the new generation of guitarists, Ellefson is not afraid to play guitar solos. Nonetheless, The Firebard has been cited for its emphasis on songs over shred, though Ellefson can still light up the fret board despite a ten year struggle with tendonitis. It once cost him his playing, but he’s recovered enough to convince Peavey, Alvarez Guitars, and now Morley of his potential.

Ellefson is featured on the Friends of Morley page at Friends of Morley and on the what’s new page. He will also be included in the next Morley catalog.

Visit for free mp3s, videos, concert dates, and the latest news on Randy Ellefson.


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