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Randy Ellefson Releases New Album

NOVEMBER 12, 2013 (GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND) – Randy Ellefson has released his fifth instrumental album, Now Weaponized! An hour of original music, the twelve songs are a return to the hard rock and metal of his first two albums. He is the sole performer of all guitars, bass, and drums; he also engineered and produced.

While Ellefson has been playing guitar and bass for three decades, this marks his debut as a drummer. Performing the drums meant finding a way around a tendonitis injury that still affects him. Back in 1993, after majoring in classical composition for two years, he became a classical guitar major instead, but this meant he needed to gain four years of classical guitar skill in the remaining two years of school. By heavily practicing, he succeeded in earning the Bachelors of Music in guitar only to develop such severe tendonitis in both arms a year later that he lost the ability to play guitar – or do much of anything else.

Temporarily crippled, Ellefson couldn’t play guitar at all for a year, then spent another four years regaining his skills, but only on electric guitar, the easiest to play. When he recorded his debut album, The Firebard (2004), he couldn’t play some songs all the way through without hurting his arms, so he often recorded the music a few sections at a time. His arms have continued recovering so that he no longer does this and can even play drums now, but when he started performing drums for Now Weaponized!, he used the same technique of recording a few sections at a time, once again finding a way around the injury.

The album’s full track listing is:

  1. Serenade
  2. Rapid Fire
  3. The Thrill of it All
  4. Mesmerize
  5. Keeping Pace
  6. Crunch Time
  7. Promenade
  8. Moshkill
  9. Surreal
  10. Ostinato
  11. Bounce
  12. Farewell
Now Weaponized! (2013)Randy Ellefson 2013

A digital-only release, Now Weaponized! is available now via, and iTunes. The first single, “Keeping Pace” can be downloaded.

Guitarist Randy Ellefson to Release New Album

JUNE 25, 2013 (GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND) – Guitarist Randy Ellefson will release his fifth instrumental album, titled Now Weaponized!, this fall. Featuring twelve songs and over an hour of original rock music, the album will be a digital-only release and is currently being mixed. The track listing includes “Serenade”, “Rapid Fire”, “The Thrill of It All”, “Mesmerize”, “Keeping Pace”, “Crunch Time”, “Promenade”, “Moshkill”, “Bounce”, “Ostinato”, “Farewell”, and a still-unnamed track.

This marks Ellefson’s debut as a drummer on all tracks, in addition to performing all guitars and bass. He’s also been busy re-performing his 2004 debut album, The Firebard, which is now complete and being re-amped simultaneously. It is due for release on the ten year anniversary in 2014.

Re-amping is an engineering process by which electric guitars that were recorded “direct’ are sent back into an amp to achieve the final tone after the performances are done. Both albums were recorded this way and are being re-amped together, with the complete mixing, mastering, and release of Now Weaponized! to immediately follow. The Firebard will be mixed and mastered later this year.

Now Weaponized! will be available this fall via and iTunes.

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