Return to Shred

After a long hiatus, I have returned to playing guitar!

The intention right now is to focus on some YouTube videos, with a specific angle. I’m taking a famous metal riff, breaking it into pieces, and turning it into a new song that alternates between the original riff and new material based on it. The video will have the final result, preceded by my explanation of how to do this kind of thing on that particular riff. It’s a technique I use in my own songs and which is heavily influenced by classical composition techniques.

The first three songs up should be:

  1. Fade to Black, Metallica
  2. Crazy Train, Ozzy
  3. The Trooper, Iron Maiden

The first one is completely done minus some video footage. “Crazy Train” is mostly done and I’ve done an initial writing session on “The Trooper.” Release date? Somewhere between August and October.