Z-Order Update

It’s seemed like a quiet few months for music, but my metal band, Z-Order, has a new singer as of August 2014. Walt and I are hard at work trying to finish the Utopia album.  Most of the work is really his, as Dave, James, and myself finished our parts years ago. I’m mostly engineering and acting as producer.

It’s hard to believe Walt is the sixth, yes sixth singer to work on this.  The first singer quit all the way back in March of 2011, almost four years ago. When the album is done, I’ll deserve a medal for perserverance, but if you know anything about my personal life, you’ll know it’s nothing new.  In a sense, I’m the opposite of the singers who’ve quit, honoring a commitment to the point of insanity.

But I know the material is worth it, and when you finally hear it, I’m confident you’ll agree. I’d give a release date but don’t want to jinx this – and I need all the luck I can find!