New Store Open!

While I’ve been selling music and books for decades, I’ve finally opened my own online store, which you can visit here. Why? Well…

  1. Revenue. Depending on the format and store, like Amazon, I lose between 30-75% of the money. With my store, I keep it all, minus taxes.
  2. Bundles. I can offer you bundles that aren’t possible at other retailers, like offering you all three instrumental rock CDs for $5 off.
  3. I can offer you bonuses, like a 10% off your next order.
  4. I can sell autographed/personalized copies.
  5. I can sell world building consultations.
  6. I can sell music CDs once again (this stopped in 2023 when my distributor quit the business).
  7. I know who my supporters are.
  8. Improved marketing to potential new fans.
  9. With the increased revenue, I could hire an assistant to deal with business affairs so I can focus on creating.
  10. I control my destiny 🙂

Increasingly, indie creators are focusing on their own stores and now I’m one of them. Please consider supporting me. You can regularly check the store or join any mailing list to see when sales and discounts are happening.