Why Buy Direct?

Please consider buying directly from my online store. It’s better for both of us.

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Advantages to You

  1. Bundled discounts I can’t do elsewhere.
  2. I can offer you rewards, like a 10% off your next order.
  3. Get notification of new books in a series you bought.
  4. Get signed copies.
  5. Support the little guy (me) instead of, say, Jeff Bezos (Amazon).
  6. More books/albums – (see below).

Advantages to Me

Competitors like Amazon take 30-75% of my profit!

  1. Audio book – they take 75%, so I get $4.99 instead of $19.99.
  2. Print – they take 40%, after deducting printing costs (about $6), so from a $13.95 book, I get $4.77 instead of $7.95.
  3. ebook – they take 30%, after deducting a “delivery fee,” so for a $4.99 book, I only get $3.10.

This can really add up. It makes it harder to pay for covers, editing, promo, and…

An assistant I could hire to free me to focus on creating instead of the business parts.

Visit My Store!